Jason is a financial speaker & and lecturer to the medical and dental communities. Jason's financial planning practice specializes in the creation of financial strategies designed specifically for the unique financial needs of physicians, dentists, medical professionals and their families. 

We recognize that during training you are grossly over worked and underpaid. Once in practice, your income jumps overnight from a low tax bracket to a high tax bracket. With increased income you will have important financial decisions, “How do I properly allocate my earnings to address my financial concerns?” We are in tune with your financial concerns about emergency reserves, debt management, risk management, physician specific mortgages, investments and retirement. We consult with doctors and dentists on their important personal and professional financial decisions from medical and dental school through retirement.

Our process begins with listening to you to understand your personal financial goals and objectives. From there, we focus on educating you about financial strategies and the importance of developing sound financial habits. We explain the benefits of financial planning strategies and products either in person or through financial seminars and web-based tutorials. We help you implement and monitor your personalized financial strategy.

Our objective is to build a strong working relationship with you based on loyalty and trust.

About Jason