Medical & Dental School:

Studying to become a doctor or dentist is the beginning of your professional career. It’s also a perfect time to develop sound financial habits that will benefit you throughout your life.  

Residents & Fellows:

During your training it is difficult to balance your budget, your time and your personal affairs. It is crucial to address the security and confidence phase of your financial strategy. This includes building an emergency reserve, managing your debt and implementing a risk management strategy.

Attending Physicians:

Providing outstanding patient care and developing a thriving medical practice is your primary goal. You have begun the capital accumulation phase of your career. You will focus on growing your wealth, paying off debt, preparing for retirement and protecting your assets. Buying into a practice or partnership opportunities are now available to you. Utilizing a financial professional who specializes in working with Physicians will guide you through these important financial decisions.

Practices and Groups:

Group benefits can be a cost effective and powerful tool to help you accomplish your financial goals. We can help you develop and implement a complete group benefits solution. This includes:

  • Practice Business Planning
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Retirement Plans

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